Top Directors Awards Sponsorship Opportunities

2024 Kehrer Top Directors Awards

The Kehrer Top Directors Awards are the most prestigious recognition for executives who manage the investment services business inside a bank or credit union. The Top Directors Awards kick off with an open nomination period during the summer and culminate with an awards ceremony to announce the winners in November.


The Top Directors Awards are promoted to the Kehrer Group’s list of nearly 4,000 contacts in the bank, insurance, and securities community, as well as through Kehrer Group’s social media channels. All Top Directors Finalists are invited to attend the award ceremony. Last year’s registration list is available upon request.

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Sponsorship Opportunities Sponsor Sponsorship Fee Acknowledge in all  Communications and Collateral Acknowledge in Category-Specific Communications and Collateral Participate in On-Stage Award Ceremony Verbal Acknowledgement During Ceremony Acknowledge in Program/ Agenda Visual Acknowledgement During Ceremony
Presenting Sponsor (3 Registrations included) Ameriprise FIG $25,000 X X X X X X
Category Sponsor (2 Registrations included)
Mega Practices Midwood $15,000 X X X X X
Large Practices The Standard $15,000 X X X X X
Mid-Size Practices $15,000 X X X X X
Small Practices $15,000 X X X X X
Credit Unions $15,000 X X X X X
Women-Led Practices WealthVest $15,000 X X X X X
Emerging Practices $15,000 X X X X X
Awards Conference (1 Registration included)
Keynote Speaker $5,000 X X X
Panel Discussion $5,000 X X X
Welcome Refreshments $5,000 X X X
Awards Dinner $10,000 X X X
Reception $7,500 X X X
Ceremony Entertainment $7,500 X X X
Afterparty $5,000 X X X
Day 2 Breakfast $5,000 X X X
Farewell Lunch $5,000 X X X