Top Directors Awards Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Top Directors Awards. Still have questions? Email 

How do you determine your finalists?

The Kehrer Group Top Directors Awards are based on a data-driven, transparent selection process. We have identified the following metrics which will be used to identify the 2023 Top Directors:


Percent of Institution’s Customers/Members with an Investment Relationship

Deposit Revenue Penetration
 (based on FDIC core deposits or NCUA share deposits)

Year-over-Year Revenue Growth

Gross Revenue per Advisor
(not including Licensed Banker revenue)

Investment Assets per Advisor

Net New Investment Assets per Advisor

Advisory Revenue per Advisor

Life Insurance Revenue per Advisor

Revenue per Client

Investment Assets per Client

Revenue on Assets

Advisor Deposit Coverage
(based on FDIC core deposits or NCUA share deposits)

Advisor Household Territory

For more information on the evaluation methodology used to determine the 2022 Top Directors Awards, please click here.

Are there any costs required to be nominated for the Top Directors Awards?

No. There is no costs to be considered or to receive a Top Directors Award. Programs will be considered based on answers provided on the nomination form.  Attendance at the Top Director’s Awards Ceremony is optional and complimentary to finalists. Due to the generous support of our sponsors, finalists are eligible to up to $600 in travel reimbursements to attend the live awards ceremony if they choose to. Winners will receive a complimentary award to commemorate their achievement.

I participate in Kehrer Group's annual benchmarking process. Do I still need to fill out a nomination form?

No. All information from the nomination form is included in our benchmarking process. Participants are afforded automatic consideration unless they select to opt-out during the benchmarking process.

I did not fill out a nomination form but was told I was nominated. Do I need to submit more information? Can I opt-out?

You may have been nominated by a third-party broker dealer or received consideration as part of participating in Kehrer Group’s benchmarking process. If so, we should have all the information we need. All nominations will be considered equally, and all information submitted will remain confidential. If you do not wish to be considered, please email and include OPT-OUT in your subject line.

I would prefer to honor my team rather than an individual at my institution, or I would like to change the individual listed for this honor.

Some institutions prefer to honor their overall program instead of an individual leader. We would be happy to reflect that preference on awards and press releases. We do ask for a contact person to coordinate information and shipping details with for your program. If the person listed has changed in the past year or no longer reflects who best deserves this honor, please contact so we can best honor your program.