Adding advisors naturally drives additional revenue to the firm.  But research from Kehrer Group demonstrates that increasing advisor headcount increases revenue exponentially.


In the chart we’ve plotted the number of number of advisors per million of core deposits and the revenue per million of core deposits for 196 banks and credit unions.  Moving from left to right on the chart demonstrates the impact of increasing advisor coverage – adding advisors to an institution of a given size.  Plotting the line that best fits the data indicates that revenue increases exponentially as a firm adds advisors.  That means that each new advisor results in more revenue to the firm than their own incremental production.


How does this happen?


As firms add advisors, they generally are reducing branch deposit territories and shifting branch referrals from existing advisors, some of whom are relocating to a second story environment.  These structural moves actually increase the productivity of the existing advisors, who are freed from some branch activity and windshield time, and managing too many clients.  They can now focus on developing deeper relationships with their remaining clients and opportunities. That’s why adding an advisor increases the firm’s revenue by more than the advisor produces.


Continuing to add advisors creates a virtuous circle as the existing advisors focus on higher priority opportunities and the new advisors ramp up their own production.


This was one of the many findings in a recent Kehrer Group study, Margin Mismatch: Why Financial Institutions Should Stop Managing Investment Services Business on Profit Margin.  The study was sponsored by Cetera Investment Services, and is available for complimentary download here.


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