Developing Holistic Advisors 2024 Study Group Registration

Regulation Best Interest and competition from low-cost asset managers and digital advice platforms are challenging the commission-for-advice model and creating downward pressure on transaction commissions and fees for managing assets.

This complicates an already complex puzzle of how to appropriately meet a client’s investment needs while still making a living for the advisor and a profit for the firm.

We believe that the keys to success going forward are to build your firm’s wealth management offering on a financial planning platform, developing your investment sales force into holistic advisors.

2024 Developing Holistic Advisors Study Group

October 21–22, 2024

Chapel Hill, NC


Our study groups offer a valuable and efficient opportunity to leverage the experience and knowledge of your peers and industry experts at no cost—thanks to our sponsors, travel expenses up to $600, hotel accommodations, and group meals are complimentary for bank and credit union participants. This study group will be held at The Rizzo Center, minutes away from the University of North Carolina and downtown Chapel Hill.


This study group would not be possible without the support of our sponsors. We acknowledge these organizations for their thought leadership and support.