Advisor Production Estimator

While the industry has tended to characterize an advisor by his or her production, that ignores the possibility that a half million-dollar producer could be under performing, while someone producing just over $20,000 a month might actually be over performing, given the advisor’s territory, book, and tenure.

Advisor Production Estimator (April 2019)

Now we have created a tool that will help you quantify your insights and:

  • Demonstrate to Advisors what you expect them to produce, given other advisors in similar situations
  • Explain to Management that you can’t have the same expectations for every advisor

Kehrer Group (formerly Kehrer Bielan) has studied how the branch territories, existing book of clients, assets under administration and their ROA, and tenure affect how much an advisor produces. Using advanced analytics, we were able to explain 57% of the variation in the production of almost a thousand financial-institution based advisors.

Now we’re making this tool available to you, to help you manage down to your advisors and up to the top of the house in your host institution.

Advisor Production Estimator


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