Advisor Coverage Toolkit

Adding advisors is one of the best ways for a financial institution to drive the growth of its investment services business. But building the case for hiring additional advisors is often stymied by misguided focus on profit margin, and by concerns that new advisors will cannibalize the production of current advisors.

Advisor Coverage Toolkit (December 2017)

The Kehrer Advisor Coverage Toolkit is designed to help managers build the case for growing advisor headcount. It consists of two parts:

  • Advisor Coverage Backgrounder – A whitepaper that lays out the argument for increasing advisor coverage, drawing on our proprietary performance benchmarking database of 153 bank and credit union investment services firms. The Backgrounder comes in a narrative, slideshow format that lends itself for use in presentations to institution management.
  • Advisor Coverage Calculator – An interactive tool that allows users to calculate the impact of changing advisor headcount on their future revenue, profit contribution, margin, and average advisor productivity, based upon current coverage and revenue. Headcount can be adjusted with the click of a button and the results update instantly, so that users may illustrate in real-time the implications of adding advisors.


The Advisor Coverage Toolkit is a unique melding of Kehrer Group’s industry-leading research and consulting with an interactive tool that empowers users to model out how growing advisor headcount will impact their business. By building the insights gleaned from our research into an interactive tool, the Advisor Coverage Toolkit delivers a more effective argument in favor of adding advisors than a traditional, text-and-charts, whitepaper report ever could.

If you are a manager looking to build the case for increasing advisor headcount in your firm, this is the tool for you.


Financial institutions: $500

Non financial institutions: contact

Advisor Coverage Toolkit