Annual Industry Checkup

The Annual Checkup examines the state of investment services in financial institutions.

2023–2024 Annual Industry Checkup (March 2024)

Since 2012 Kehrer Group (formerly under Kehrer Bielan Reserach & Consulting) has published its Annual Checkup to examine the health of the financial advice business in banks and credit unions. The Annual Checkup monitors the number of banks and credit unions offering investment services, the number of financial advisors serving financial institution customers, and the revenue they produce. The report covers year-over-year changes in key metrics such as advisor productivity, assets per advisor, and ROA, providing separate estimates for institutions with their own broker dealer versus those that outsource the broker dealer function to a third party.


The Annual Checkup draws on our annual survey of the third-party broker dealers that partner with banks and credit unions; our benchmarking surveys of bank BDs, credit unions, and banks that partner with third party BDs; our proprietary surveys of compensation; and industry data from the FDIC, NCUA, and other sources.


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2023-2024 Annual Industry Checkup


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