Kehrer Key

When we first started benchmarking the delivery of investment services in financial institutions back in the early ‘90s, we sent the surveys via snail mail and manually keyed the responses into the database. A lot has changed since, both in the industry we study and in our approach to benchmarking. Today we are excited to share how we will continue to evolve in 2024.

Introducing Kehrer Key: Your Gateway to Modern Benchmarking

Beginning in 2024, participating firms will access all Kehrer Group’s surveys via a secure profile–a Kehrer Key.

This important enhancement will allow for seamless connectivity between Kehrer Group’s annual benchmarking survey and our forthcoming surveys covering the integration of wealth management services, the use of licensed banker programs, and compensation across roles in the investment services unit.

These changes will improve the user experience and strengthen data security, while also enhancing our ability to connect the dots between the various drivers of performance in our ongoing work to identify best practices.

Investment Services Surveys

Learn more about how we report our benchmarking survey findings to best reflect the different structures of the 3,000 financial-institution-based firms providing investment advice.

Participate in Our Surveys

We treat the firms and individuals who provide us data as true partners, keeping the data they provide confidential, and delivering analyses that are timely and actionable in exchange for their participation in our research.

If you are interested in participating in our surveys, please contact: