Growth Consulting

Planning Season Calls for Data-Driven Insight

We Have You Covered

Kehrer Group’s benchmarking provides the foundation of information you need to support your planning and budgeting for 2024. The Annual Study describes important trends shaping the industry and the coming challenges your plan needs to anticipate. The Dashboard reports on 50+ key metrics at the level of detail needed to inform your goal setting for next year. Participants in Kehrer Group’s Annual Survey receive complimentary copies of both reports.

We help firms to refine their strategic planning with our Custom Peer Group Analysis. We start by identifying institutions in our database that share key characteristics with your own, then narrow it down to the top performers. Thanks to depth and breadth of our data, we can identify firms that are further along in penetrating their opportunity and have grown the business in the same way you aspire to grow yours. The custom peer group serves as a north star for your firm, demonstrating what is possible and providing a visual roadmap of how to get there.

Our Growth Consulting process brings it all together. Starting with a deep dive into the implications of the Custom Peer Group Analysis, we identify the client’s greatest areas of strength and their best opportunities for growth. Drawing on Kehrer Group’s rich library of research and history of thought leadership, as well as the insights gained through our continuous interactions with the community, we recommend the best strategies to employ to act on the findings.


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