Growth Consulting

Kehrer Group’s growth consulting process begins with the Annual Benchmarking Survey. All clients that engage Kehrer Group complete the survey, which enables broad and deep comparison against the performance of hundreds of other investment services practices in banks and credit unions across over five dozen metrics.


Thanks to the breadth and richness of Kehrer Group’s benchmarking database, we are able to narrow the full sample of participants to a Custom Peer Group of institutions that reflect the unique qualities of the client and align with the client’s strategic priorities. The Custom Peer Group serves as a north star for the client, helping to illuminate what is possible for their institution to achieve in the delivery of investment services.


The growth consulting process concludes with a deep dive into the findings of the Custom Peer Group analysis, identifying the client’s greatest areas of strength, and their best opportunities for growth. Drawing on Kehrer Group’s rich library of Research and history of Thought Leadership, as well as the insights gained through our continuous interactions with the community, we recommend the best strategies to employ to act on the findings.


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