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Kehrer Group is the financial advice community’s trusted partner for original thought leadership, insight based in data, and strategies that drive success.

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The Kehrer Group Highlighter packages some of our most important findings, insights, and commentary into bite-size, digestible articles. We make the Highlighters available for free to the entire financial advice community—a small gesture of appreciation for a community that has done so much to support our work. Take a look at the latest Highlighter.

Take a look at the latest Highlighter.

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Learn more about our benchmarking survey, how to participate in the survey, and our annual studies.

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Kehrer Group has announced its 2023 Study Group schedule. Learn more about our Study Group topics, dates, venues, and why Kehrer Study Groups are the gold-standard in the industry. Contact us for information on how to register.

Introducing Kehrer Group

Since the founding of Kenneth Kehrer Associates in 1985, the investment advice community in banks and credit unions has looked to Kehrer analytics and insights to inform strategies that drive results. We launched Kehrer Group to enhance our capabilities and better support the industry that has supported us.